About Us

Choosing a pool for your home is a substantial investment and we therefore created this website as a resource to help remove confusion from the buying process and help when things may go wrong.

What We Write About

Expect us to cover or have covered the following topics/questions:

What size pool do I need?

What type of construction is the most suitable for me?

How much does it cost to operate a pool?

How do I keep my pool clean?

Where can I buy the right pool for the best deal?

I think my pool heater is broken – how do I replace it?

These are all the types of question we all face when buying and owning a pool and this is why Pool Gizmo was created.  We hope the site will help you understand all these ins and outs in with a bit of luck you will know exactly what you need.

All our knowledge if gleaned from evaluating customer reviews, customer support requests and also personal experiences.  Many hours have been spent gathering all the issues and possible resolutions to put them in a manageable and consumable form for you, the end user, to be able to understand easily.

Information and Entertainment

We also aim to entertain with articles and expert reviews to provide information relevant to you and your pool experience.  We ask our writers to supply content in a friendly but informative manner that allows the key information to be put across without getting too deep, technical or uninteresting.

Getting In Touch

If you have a pool story or question to ask please comment on the relevant article or send us a message via our contact form and we will do our very best to answer them either here on the website or via a direct message if you leave your details.