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When it comes to Cyber Monday 2019, you need to be checking us for all the super deals.

At the moment we’re listing the best selling products for each category of pool supplies.

But, as soon as the deals start listing for Cyber Monday 2019, we’ll be updating this page. Just one visit here and you’ll find the Cyber Monday swimming pool deals available. No need to go searching by yourself. We’ve got you covered.

When are Cyber Monday deals going to be announced?

Start checking this page beginning the week of Thanksgiving. Often retailers release their online deals early. So, it’s handy to know in advance.

Some retailers even start earlier than Cyber Monday. If they don’t release early, though, you might need to stay up late on Sunday night.

And click here for the great Black Friday savings as well.

Cyber Monday deals of 2019 are not live yet.

1). Cyber Monday pool cleaner deals

None available yet.

2). Cyber Monday pool heater deals

None available yet.

3). Cyber Monday swimming pool deals

None available yet.

4). Cyber Monday pool vacuum deals

None available yet.

5). Cyber Monday Above Ground Pool Deals

6). Cyber Monday Pool Filter Savings

None available yet.

Watch out for the current best sellers

Best selling pool cleaners

Best of the Best Pool Cleaner

With the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner you’re getting a top of the range model for in-ground pools. It is independent of your pool’s pump, and filter so doesn’t chew up as much energy as it’s competitors.

The CC Plus has an automatic system of navigation designed to cover the total area of your pool’s floor and walls. And a scanner that spots and avoids obstacles. Plus a timer function that runs the cleaning cycle at set intervals during the week.

But it doesn’t always handle steps so you may have to sweep the silt into the pool first. And sometimes it seems to get confused by missing patches or getting stuck.

Your 50-foot length pool is clean within 2.5 hours. And that’s exceptionally clean because of the dual scrubbing brushes and the two filters. The brushes attack the tough dirt with venom. One filter captures larger debris, and the other catches the ultra-fine dirt and algae. Best of all? At the end of the cycle, it’s a quick 5 minutes to clean the filters. Pull the cartridges out from the top and rinse with a faucet.

The cable can spin and rotate 360 degrees as the robot moves around the pool. So, there’s no more kinking or tangling.


  • Set and forget cleaning with automatic cleaning of the entire pool at set times during the week.
  • Captures large debris and ultra-fine dirt and algae to produce a sparkling clear pool
  • No cable tangles with the unique swivel technology


  • May not clean the pool steps.
  • Can get stuck or miss cleaning small sections.
  • Manufacturer support is limited.

Best Value Pool Cleaner

The Baracuda G3 suction-side automatic inground pool cleaner is more affordable than the Dolphin CC Plus. But this is because it is suction only cleaner. It doesn’t have the scrubbing brushes to scrape away the tough dirt or the filter to capture the larger debris.

But it competes well with equivalent cleaners. It works with low-speed pumps. The suction is powerful enough to catch small and medium-sized debris. There’s a FlowKeeper valve that maintains the water flow at its peak performance level. And a wheel deflector to turn tight corners.

So, all the floor and walls of a pool are cleaned to leave a clear pool ready for action. Like other cleaners, though, it struggles at times to handle steps and can get stuck.

There’s low-cost and straightforward maintenance with the long-life diaphragm having only one moving part. And a quick-release cassette allows for hassle-free access to clean the diaphragm.


  • Performs well with any single, two-speed or variable-speed pumps.
  • Durable with low maintenance and easily replaceable parts.
  • Powerful suction cleans the pool of dirt, bugs, debris, twigs, and sand.


  • Can get stuck.
  • Cannot handle large debris.

Best selling pool heater

You may find the Hayward Heat Pro to be expensive. But the money is worth it. The Heat Pro is a durable, long-lasting heat pump that survives all sorts of weather conditions. It warms a large in-ground pool in a couple of days. Your pool stays warm overnight even as the nights get colder in early fall.

And they are a breeze to install. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new or existing pool. The unit is lightweight and compact. And it doesn’t need any specialist plumbing connections.

Once installed you’ll have difficulty hearing it because of the profiled fan blade. And electric running costs are negligible.


  • Keeps your pool constantly warm.
  • Industrial quality built to last.
  • Easy to install.


  • Only a two-year warranty on parts.

Best selling swimming pools

Best of the Best Swimming Pool

You enjoy great value for your money when you buy the Intex 32ft X 16ft X 52in Rectangular Ultra Frame Set.

This is an above ground pool. But it has a metal frame that makes it a sturdier set up than an inflatable or inflatable top-ring pool. And the frames are made of steel that is powder coated for rust resistance. The sidewalls are made of super-tough laminated PVC. So, the support holding the water in is both durable and stable.

You need to place the pool on a stable base that is not sand. Use concrete to support the steel uprights.  It will take 2-3 adults to set up and around 90 minutes to fill. Then the fun can start. And not just fun. It’s just long enough for serious lap work.

The Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System Combo includes a Hydro Aeration Technology that keeps your pool water clean and sparkling. And you only have to replace the sand in the filter every five years.


  • You get value for money with plenty of room for fun.
  • The salt-water system keeps the water clean, bright, and soft on the skin.
  • Sturdy and durable frame construction.


  • The pool ladder is flimsy.
  • The vacuum needs to be stronger.
  • Support from the manufacturer is lacking.

Best Value Pool Swimming Pool

The 8′ x 30″ Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool is an excellent addition for summer fun at home. Not just for the kids but also as a cool down for adults.

Two people only need 10 minutes to set it up ready to add the water.

An inflatable top ring supports the pool liner. And just as crucial though is the strength and thickness of the sidewalls. There are two outer layers of heavy gauge PVC laminated to an inner layer of polyester reinforcing mesh.

Has the same Hydro Aeration Technology as the dearer 32ft X 16ft Intel to keep the pool water clean and sparkling.


  • Strong sidewalls that can handle the water movement.
  • The pump and filter work well to keep the pool clean.
  • Can seat adults.


  • Only a 30-day return warranty.
  • May only last one summer.

Best selling pool vacuums

The XtremepowerUS vacuum cleaner is exceptional value for money. It doesn’t need electricity as it attaches to your existing filtration system. It’s easy to assemble. And you can use it for both in-ground and above-ground pools. Make sure though, your pump is at least one hp or moves water at the rate of 1600 GPH (gallons per hours).

It’s a powerful cleaner for the pool floor and walls but not steps. But that suction power only works if you wash your filter each week. Keeping your filter and flapper clean at all times means your pool will be sparkling and clear each time you take a dip.


  • Value for money.
  • Suits in-ground and above-ground pools.
  • Cleans algae, small pool dirt, and dust.


  • Not designed to capture leaves.
  • Like all pool cleaners, it gets stuck sometimes.

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