Viral Video Shocking Millions Showing a Baby Almost Drowning

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baby-drowningYesterday, whilst researching swimming pools I came across a video showing a 6 month old in a possible drowning situation.  It showed the baby plunging headfirst into a swimming pool whilst attempting to retrieve a floating sandal.  The baby then proceeds to bob around under the water for a few seconds while she struggles to float and breathe while the parents did nothing.

It looks like the whole thing was setup to spark a debate which is a good thing but it makes you feel a little uneasy when watching the footage.  We have a baby and I think I would totally freak out if he fell into a swimming pool.  I think he may also panic and drown also because it’s not natural to him and he hasn’t had any swimming lessons.

The baby in the footage appears to not panic one little bit and manages to put herself onto her back and float to keep her mouth and nose above water.  It’s pretty amazing but maybe not surprising when you think babies can be born in a water birth and instinctively swim to the surface.  This is a different thing altogether but really makes you think what ‘could’ happen.

The parents of the child have suffered what every parent fears the most – the loss of a child.  Their little boy Jake just 2.5 years old fell off a dock and drowned whilst on holiday.  They were desperate for this tragedy not to be repeated so put the baby through swimming lessons with the Infant Swimming Resource (ISR).

The training is done gently and incrementally with just a few minutes each day and coaches the baby how to float to save themselves in a scenario where they may fall into a pool.

Here is the video to show what happens.

You will see why so many people are outraged at what they are seeing when the baby plunges headfirst into the pool.  They then bob about under the water for a few seconds before self saving to float on its back.

The baby then even starts to swim by flapping her arms and legs to steer in the right direction.  There is no coughing, spluttering or crying from the baby. She remains calm and collected even when drifting into the middle of the pool.  The parent simply watches on while all this is happening and is herself not troubled one bit.

The flip side of the coin to all this is how the baby manages to save itself from drowning.  It has learnt a valuable life skill that could just save its own life – at 6 months old!  Just being able to float and breathe for a few minutes could mean the difference between life and death.  We all know how all too easy one blink and you child has done something you weren’t prepared for.

Now you have seen the video, compare it to this video which shows what can happen when you aren’t watching your child. Warning – this could upset you more than the first video! I’m not sure how why the user has put the word funny in the title because it is far from that.

Luckily it appears the woman in the video got to the drowning child just in time (and then proceeded to drop them).

I myself am now considering the what if’s – What if my baby falls in the pool, What if he fell into a pond or lake while my back was turned.  I will definitely be looking at the Infant Swimming Resource for more information. Also here is a guide on Infant Swimming.

The parents have also set up a website and foundation in memory of their son Jake – the Live Like Jake Foundation to raise awareness on infant drowning.  It also aims to provide funding for those unable to pay for swimming lessons for their children.  A really worthy cause if you ask me.

Let us know what you thought of the video. Do you agree with what you saw? Do you think it was cruel or dangerous? Or are you in agreement with myself that even though it was shocking it is actually pretty amazing to see just how that baby now knows how to save its own life in a possible drowning situation?  Lave us a comment in the section below. We would love to hear your thoughts.


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