Hayward H400FDN Pool Heater Review

Nobody likes swimming in a freezing cold swimming pool and there is a fair chance you are currently fed up with this exact situation.

The next pain you may have experienced is trying to decide which pool heater is right for you and your pool.

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11 Best Pool Heater Tips And Tricks

Ideas, Tips & Tricks

Ideas, Tips & Tricks

Along the way, we have found several great ideas, tips and tricks to get the most out of your pool and pool heater ownership.

We have compiled these into a list (not in any specific order).

Hope you find these useful or thought provoking. Let us know if you use any of them or have any other great tips of your own.

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Viral Video Shocking Millions Showing a Baby Almost Drowning

baby-drowningYesterday, whilst researching swimming pools I came across a video showing a 6 month old in a possible drowning situation.  It showed the baby plunging headfirst into a swimming pool whilst attempting to retrieve a floating sandal.  The baby then proceeds to bob around under the water for a few seconds while she struggles to float and breathe while the parents did nothing.

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Hayward Pool Heaters – How To Choose a Pool Heater

Choosing a Hayward Pool HeaterThe sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. The pool glistens as the sunlight reflects from the surface. Without a second thought, the bathing suit is on and you jump right in.  You almost swallow a lungful of water as the coldness of the water makes you gasp and shriek.  Even though the weather is amazing it was still late spring.  The water was still pretty cold and it quickly brings back the memory from autumn that maybe a pool heater would be a great idea.

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What Size Pool Heater Do I Need For My Pool?

ThermometerThis is a how-to guide to take you through the process of measuring your pool, spa or hot tub to work out what size pool heater you require.  To work out the size of pool heater requires that you match your pool to the BTH/Hr rates specified by the pool manufacturer. To do this is fairly straight forward. Matching swimming pools require knowing the surface area and for spas and hot tubs the size in gallons. We have done this, using Hayward H Series Pool Heaters as an example.

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